DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd is the largest media group on Defence, Security and Foreign policy issues in Greece, a country that spends most for national security per citizen of all the members’ states of NATO. With an average of 20.000 copies sold on a monthly basis, an equivalent of 60.000 readers based on a recent readership research, and 68.000 monthly visitors on the unique defense and security news portal (in Greek and English language), DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd is currently the most powerful and trustworthy source of confidential information in its field in the whole of Southeastern Europe.

On October 2006, DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd launched the first IPTV portal for defense and security in Greece:, featuring live or in video military topics, armament related news, war and terrorist issues. In addition, visitors can perform fast and secured transactions choosing from a variety of products ranging from magazines and military equipment to electronic apparatus of spy / counter spy level. 

Head of DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd is Mr. Georgios Gragoulis.
Director is the reporter and correspondent in Greece of the American edition of “Defense News”, Mr. Periklis Zorzovilis.
Commercial Director is Mr. Alexandros Malatestas.

The titles “STRATIGIKI”, “AMINTIKI VIVLOS”, “PERIPOLOS”, “POLEMOS & ISTORIA” and “POLEMIKES MONOGRAFIES” are owned and published by our company DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd which also owns and runs the portal and the online IPTV-portal (cover pages).

Our monthly magazine STRATIGIKI, since 1994 constitutes the most valid Greek magazine on Defense, Security and Foreign Policy reaching the highest average circulation figures (8.500 copies monthly) of all magazines in the field and more than 1.150 subscriptions PROMINENT among which are the Ministry of National Defence and many Foreign embassies.
Well known among our editions, AMINTIKI VIVLOS (DEFENSE BIBLE), constitutes a unique annual edition in the field of defense magazines in Greece. It addresses thoroughly balance of power issues in the areas of Balkans and Southeastern Europe, it presents armament related programs and it provides some of the most valid strategic reports. With a total of 16.000 copies distributed, it sells up to 7.000 copies annually, plus some 2.000 subscriptions delivered to the Greek Ministry of National Defense, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 12 Greek Embassies abroad, 17 Foreign Embassies in Athens, the Press Information Office of NATO and others.
For over ten years now, the well know tiles on War and History “POLEMOS & ISTORIA” and “POLEMIKES MONOGARFIES” steadily address the expectations of exceptionally demanding readers who know a lot but want to learn even more. Our distinctive title “PERIPOLOS” serves the particular interests and news of the Special Forces and Security Forces of our country.
Our successive journalistic coverage has repeatedly been heralded and reproduced by other national media groups both in newspapers and television (examples) proving the validity of our media group.

DEFENCENET MEDIA Ltd has also developed as additional activity the organization of conferences thematically related to the field aiming to an original analysis and thorough examination over issues of concern. In that context it was organized with huge success in Athens on the 6-7 June 2006, the congress called “Hellenic Aerospace Industry – Present and Future” attended by the world’s eight most prominent Aerospace Industries (namely each one – Congress minutes).

DEFENCENET Media’s primary target is the public information on issues over our national security to be solid and valid and the analysis of the news provided to be of highly strategic value, for anybody who is interested in the field of defense in Greece and the wider Balkan region. For DEFENCENET MEDIA is after all what the name implies: A network of original information in the Defence field.